America’s combination of diverse man-made and natural structures, settings and landscapes is the predominant theme of my work. I set out to intersect with a dramatic view of the many types of landscapes that make up the United States of America; from tropical, to cityscapes, rural, mountainsides, architecture, scenic oasis’s, and so on. To make these diverse landscapes visual I search for locations that are distinct in detail and characteristics yet are stunning in their environments. National Parks, State Parks, Freeways, Backroads and backyards are all places that we see in our normal experience yet don’t see.

These images are meant to inspire a wanderlust that could remedy many dilemmas of our modern experience; they seek for a momentary escape to a place far and close, natural and man-made. We are drawn to unique settings as a way to remove ourselves from the everyday conscious and unconscious distractions. Our dependence on the soil and rock around us creates a multitude of landscapes that we live, work, vacation, preserve and manipulate as we create a life of earth. For me, these images function as a visual inventory of this diverse country I call home.

CANAAN JOHN is an American born photographer, actor, artist, director and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. He was born and raised in Essex County, New Jersey. Canaan found his love for design and visual expression through the stylish influence of his parents, his first Polaroid camera as a child and art and media focused studies. Canaan’s work has been featured on NBC and NYON Air, and in “Our U.S.A.” Magazine.

Canaan can also be seen in films “Chirp, Buzz & Other Sensations” and “Last Tonight” coming soon.